Norwich Landscape Images

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The Norwich Landscape

Norwich is a beautiful City in the East of England, about 100 miles north east of London. It is the capital of the County of Norfolk and has a population of around 144,000 people. Much of the City centre is pedestrianised. Consequently the best way to shop, enjoy the surroundings and explore is by foot. The picturesque River Wensum runs through the City that is also well known for it's modern shopping facilities. The City has a mix of chain retailers and independent shops, a Provision Market, two cathedrals, a Norman Castle, medieval streets, parks and gardens. 

Scenic places of interest in Norwich that are excellent for landscape photography

Mousehold Heath and St James Hill 

Mousehold Heath is a 184 acre area of heathland and woodland in the City that is open to the public. It has free parking and consequently it is ideal for cross county running and dog walking. The Heath also has a pitch and putt course. In winter you will find lots of fungi growing on the dead wood. At St James Mill on the edge of the Heath there are splendid views overlooking the City. From here you can see both cathedrals, the Castle and lots more. Furthermore in winter from St James Hill the sun sets over the City. 

Mousehold Heath Norwich

Mousehold Heath

River Wensum 

The riverside walk is a path that runs along the River Wensum. It has lots a of green spaces with seats and is a relaxing area to visit. Furthermore along the path are some iconic buildings such as St James Mill, Pulls Ferry and Cow Tower. There are also views of the Cathedral and several pubs along the path ideal for a snack and a drink. On a calm day the reflections in the river (pictured) are superb.

Reflections in the River Wensum Norwich

Reflections in the River Wensum 

St James Mill 

The grand St James Mill, owned by Jarrold, a local independent apartment store, stands tall and proud on the banks of the River Wensum, casting its splendid reflection on the tranquil waters. It's gorgeous cityscape is especially stunning when viewed from the riverside area. The offices within the mill are a hub of activity and productivity, buzzing with the energy of creative minds. 

St James Mill Norwich

St James Mill

Cow Tower 

Cow Tower is an artillery tower by the River Wensum. It was built during the period of the late 14th century by the City authorities in response to the threat from France and indigenous English rebels. The tower defended the north-eastern approach to the City. 

Cow Tower Norwich

Cow Tower 

Pulls Ferry 

The stunning Pulls Ferry is located in the heart of the Norfolk Broads National Park. It is a fine flint building with a broad stone archway. The still waters of the River Wensum reflect the beauty of this historic landmark, creating a serene and captivating scene that will leave you in awe. Pulls Ferry is a former Ferry House and was a 15th century Watergate. It was the route for Caen Stone from France to be offloaded to build the Anglican Cathedral. From Riverside Road looking at Pulls Ferry you can see the spire of the Cathedral in the background. Furthermore on a calm day the reflection of Pulls Ferry in the River Wensum is a beautiful site. 

Pulls Ferry Norwich

Pulls Ferry 

Two Cathedrals 

The City has two Cathedrals and they are both magnificent buildings. The Anglican Cathedral is primarily Norman with some stunning stained glass windows. It has the second tallest spire in England. If you are in The Close is particularly pleasurable to hear the Cathedral bells ringing. 

The Cathedral of St John The Baptist is Roman Catholic. It was built around 1900 but the building looks much older. 

Two Norwich Cathedrals from St James Hill

Two Cathedrals from St James Hill

Elm Hill 

Elm Hill is a cobbled street. It has many buildings dating back to the Tudor period. The Briton's Arms Coffee House is well worth a visit. The street with lots of temporary facades and props was also the location for the film Stardust. For a few days during filming The Britons Arms with some temporary additions to the building became The Slaughtered Prince with a thatch porch and a fantastic mural (pictured)

I remember one lunchtime taking photographs of the Stardust film set with baskets of curry powder in the street, sticks with skulls on them, plastic bones on wagons and lots more. Some people didn't seem to realise that the scene was false. One person even passed me talking to to someone. He said "I used to live here about 20 years ago and I can't ever recall Elm Hill ever looking liked this". 

Stardust Film Mural of The Slaughtered Prince on the Britons Arms in Elm Hill Norwich

Mural on The Briton Arms during the filming of Stardust

Norwich Castle 

The Castle, a formidable medieval fortification and a grade one listed building, now stands as a multi-faceted museum in the heart of the City. It's timeless Caen Stone walls exude power, history and grandeur, offering visitors a glimpse into the past, as well as a chance to explore an extensive art gallery. The Castle's Keep, once a site of defence, now serves as a museum and art gallery. It is also the Registry Office and a popular choice for couples seeking a unique and memorable wedding venue. 

Norwich Castle

Norwich Castle 

City Hall, Guild Hall and the Provision Market 

City Hall to the left of the photo is an art deco and grade II listed building built in 1938. It is the main offices for Local Government of the City. The view overlooking the Market and Castle from the City Hall steps is superb. 

The magnificent Guild Hall on Gaol Hill in the centre of the photo is constructed of flint. It is also a municipal and grade I listed building.

The market in the forground of the photo is one of the largest outdoor markets in England and an ideal place to buy fruit, vegetables, flowers, clothes, leather goods and more. 

Norwich City Hall Guild Hall and the Provision Market

City Hall, The Guild Hall and the Provision Market

The Forum 

The Forum opened in 2002 as a library and the regional headquarters and television centre for BBC East. 

The Forum Norwich

The Forum

© Norwich Landscape Images Photographer: David Woodcock