Norfolk Landscape Images

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The Norfolk Landscape 

Norfolk is a beautiful County on the east of England that bulges into the North Sea. It has a diverse landscape due to the many changes in soil type. Names such as Ringstead Downs, Ringland Hills, How Hill and Beeston Bump give a clue. Much of the land is undulating and the County is not as flat as many people perceive. 

Furthermore there are some remnants of glacial activity in the North of the County around Glandford. However in agricultural areas and in the Broads National Park there are some areas that are very flat. 

The County is a bit remote from the rest of England because it is not on the way to anywhere. Dual carriageways are few and far between. In some areas there are still passing places on the road. 

In the north of the County the mobile network is very poor and on many days you cannot get a signal. However this all adds to the charm of the County. This is because it has a beautiful coastline of mainly golden sandy beaches. You can often walk for miles along a beach and not see another person. 

Scenic places of interest in Norfolk that are excellent for landscape photography

The Broads National Park 

The Broads lies to the east of the County between Norwich and Great Yarmouth. It is Britain's largest protected wetland and the third largest inland waterway. The area is looked after by The Broads Authority, a member of the National Park family. The Broads has 125 miles of lock free navigable waterways and some rare wildlife such as the yellow Swallowtail that is the UK's largest butterfly. Here you will also find rivers, lakes, wind pumps that used to drain water from the marshes, Norfolk wherries (large sailing boats), reedbeds and much more. Wroxham is the capital of the Broads with a tourist information centre if you wish to find out more when visiting the area. 

Barton Turf Staithe

Barton Turf Staithe

The Norfolk Coast 

Norfolk has around 90 miles of stunning coastline. Here you can find wide stretches of golden sandy beaches, soaring cliffs, shingle spits, saltmarshes and estuaries. There are also lots of interesting towns and villages to visit. Cromer famous for it's crabs has a stunning pier with a theatre and 4 miles west is the lovely seaside town of Sheringham. Happisburgh on the north east coast is gradually eroding away as the cliffs crumble into the North Sea. Great Yarmouth is a popular family seaside resort with amusement arcades, rides and lots of other attractions along the Golden Mile. 

Happisburgh Beach

Happisburgh Beach 


Broad leaved woodland is the natural habitat but in the County you will also find pine forests. Some of my favourite woods are at Foxley that has an ancient woodland, Bacton, Blickling owned by the National Trust and Thetford Forest that is full of pines trees. The woods are a great place to see a variety of birds, insects and plants. The bluebells at Foxley and Blickling Woods are spectacular in the spring. 

Norfolk Bluebell Wood

 Bluebell Woods


Fen is the first process of change as open water becomes woodland. Fens are areas of water logged land. Here you will find reed, rushes and sedge. The Broads is the area where you find fen. Fens are managed by clearing scrub and woodland, otherwise they would be lost. East Ruston and How Hill are prime examples of this type of habitat that supports a variety of rare plant and wildlife. Fens are where you are most likely to see a Marsh Harrier and if really lucky a Bittern. 

Fen at How Hill

Fen at How Hill


Heather heathland is found on poor sandy soils on chalk in several parts of the County. This includes Mousehold in Norwich, the Holt Cromer Ridge and to the west of the County. It is here you will most likely find adders (a small venomous snake and the only poisonous snake in Britain). In Breckland you will find a different kind of grassland heath habitat due to the chalk and sand pushed into the area by Ice Age ice sheets. 

Mousehold Heath

Mousehold Heath

Towns and Villages in Norfolk that have landscape photography opportunities

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