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Fantasy photography projects taking ideas from fiction and mythology

For a potential future business idea and to improve my skills I am currently working on some fantasy photography projects taking ideas from fiction and mythology. Ideas include mermaids, fairies, mystical stone circles, portals to another world, montages and space. I need some people aged 18 or over to model for some of these projects. You will need to sign a model release form and allow me to use and display your images in a fantasy theme on my website and social media. 

I will in return provide you with a free photo shoot of your choice for the same period of time that you model for me. You will also receive free of charge any fantasy images that I create featuring you, in high resolution suitable to print and in low resolution suitable to put on a website or social media.

To qualify as a model for a fantasy photo shoot you need to have been photographed by me in the past either as a client or as a model for David Woodcock Photography Limited or DW People and Landscape Photography. Please let me know if you would like to collaborate?     

Montage of a Norfolk model

A montage of 3 portrait images

Fantasy Photo Shoot

If you qualify to book a photo shoot:-

Tel: 01603 402015 

To email: Click "Contact" on the top menu bar. Please let me know which of my photography services you require in return for helping me?    

I will send you a model release form, a booking form and my general terms and conditions.

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